Desmond Tutu books signed by Ebury imprint

<p>Rider Books has signed a two-book deal with South African cleric and activist Desmond Tutu. <br /><br />Judith Kendra, publishing director, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Mary Clemmey at The Mary Clemmey Literary Agency, acting on behalf of Lynn C Franklin in New York.<br /><br />The first title, <em>Made for Goodness</em> will be published in May 2010. The book will be an exploration of Tutu&#39;s view that everyone is fundamentally good and made to be like that by God. It will be co-authored by his daughter Mpho Tutu, who is an episcopal priest in America, and chair woman of the Global Aids Alliance.<br /><br />The second book in the deal is <em>God is not a Christian</em>, which will be published in May 2011. This will be a collection of Tutu&#39;s speeches and sermons compiled by his biographer, John Allen. Both titles will be published in hardback and be priced at &pound;12.99.<br /><br />Tutu was the first black Archbishop of Cape Town, and has won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is currently the chairman of The Elder, the independent group of global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who work together to support peace building </p><p>On 12th August Tutu will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama, the first awarded by the new President. This award honors an individual&#39;s work as &lsquo;agents of change&rsquo; and will be awarded alongside 16 other people including Ireland&rsquo;s first female president Mary Robinson and scientist Stephen Hawking.<br /><br />The Ebury imprint has previously published two titles by Tutu, <em>No Future Without Forgiveness </em>and <em>God Has a Dream</em>.</p>