Debate rages over library fines

<p>Library fines could become a thing of the past if a group of librarians get their way, reports the <em>Guardian</em>. A fiery debate has been raging for the past week between librarians, with anti-fine campaigners describing the charges as punitive, old fashioned and creating a negative impression of libraries.</p><p>&quot;Libraries are facing competition from television, magazines, the internet and e-books, yet they have this archaic and mad idea of charging people money for being slightly late,&quot; said library consultant Frances Hendrix&mdash;a loud voice in the debate which has been taking place on an online forum for librarians. &quot;It&#39;s all so negative, unprofessional and unbusinesslike; like any business, libraries need to not alienate their customers.&quot; Hendrix&#39;s view has been backed by Liz Dubber, director of programmes at reading charity The Reading Agency.<br /><br /></p>