DCMS 'could be scrapped', says Jarvis

DCMS 'could be scrapped', says Jarvis

The prospect of the closure of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been raised once more, this time by shadow arts minister Dan Jarvis.

Citing "well places sources in Whitehall", the MP said in a Tweet published yesterday (30th May): "CRS13 may scrap DCMS ­ with Culture, Media & Sport going to other Govt departments".

Jarvis has yet to make any further comment on his claim.

The DCMS, led by culture secretary Maria Miller, looks after libraries, museums, heritage, Olympics legacy and dozens of others areas of culture.

Labour MP Harriet Harman, the shadow culture secretary, voiced concerns that the DCMS could be closed last year, writing in the Evening Standard in April 2012: "I fear that Cameron is about to deal yet another blow to the arts by abolishing the DCMS altogether. There are well-sourced rumours in Westminster and the arts world that after the Olympics, the government will announce that the DCMS is no longer needed."

Nearly 150 people retweeted Jarvis' claim, with many more discussing it online. Shirley Burnham, a library campaigner, said: "I would have to describe it as Stockholm Syndrome ­ I feel like we have been with them so long, that the idea of moving on makes me very anxious. I am worried about the future ­ if they could not help libraries, then who will?"

She added: "I can't be triumphalist about the idea of their closure. Many people were happy when the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council was disbanded, but very few have been happy with what followed. All that happens when these things change is that everything becomes more distant."

The DCMS has yet to respond to a request this morning for comment.