Nicholls, Lupton, Keyes and Andersen Press join refugee fundraising effort

Nicholls, Lupton, Keyes and Andersen Press join refugee fundraising effort

Writers David Nicholls, Rosamund Lupton, Marian Keyes and Francesca Simon and publisher Andersen Press are among the latest to join a fundraising effort to help Syrian refugees.

Started by author Patrick Ness yesterday, who pledged to match £10,000 in donations to Save the Children via an online page he set up, the campaign has grown rapidly, raising more than £270,000, including gift aid, as of 3.30pm this afternoon (Friday).

The latest authors to say they will all match £10,000 of donations are Nicholls, Lupton, Marian Keyes and Francesca Simon.

Children’s and YA publisher Andersen Press has also matched £10,000 of donations.

And Virgin Money Giving, the site Ness used to set up his donation page, has said they will waive all fees once £250,000 has been donated.

Ness began the campaign after feeling he needed to do more than post on Twitter about the refugee crisis, which has seen hundreds of people fleeing Syria.

After Ness’ £10,000 was reached within four hours, YA author John Green pledged to match the next £10,000. Others who have contributed £10,000 each are Derek Landy, Jojo Moyes and Green's brother, vlogger Hank Green.

Two anonymous donors have also each matched £10,000, as have two collectives of American authors.

Ness told The Bookseller he was “astonished” at the response the campaign had received.

Publisher Scott Pack is auctioning off a full editorial review of a manuscript, the money from which will be donated to Ness' campaign. The review also includes feedback on the manuscript from Jonathan Main, owner of the Bookseller Crow bookshop in Crystal Palace, London. Bids for the review should be left in the comments on Pack's website post by 11pm UK time on Sunday 6th September.

People across the publishing industry have been organising help for refugees. The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, London, is appealing for donations of books and help in getting the books to Calais, where they will be given to the temporary library set up in the migrant camp known as the Jungle.

YA author Dawn O'Porter has also been instrumental in helping organise donations of tents, clothes and more for the camp in Calais.