David Bowie colouring-in book to Quercus

David Bowie colouring-in book to Quercus

Quercus is publishing a David Bowie colouring book, charting the late musician and rock star's style over 50 years of self-reinvention.

The "celebratory tribute" to Bowie by Royal College of Art graduate Mel Elliot will be published in paperback on 17th March 2016, priced £9.99.

The book will consist of 30 black and white illustrations, depicting Ziggy Stardust through to Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke, to show the "full range" of Bowie’s transformations throughout the years.

It is said it will appeal both to fans of colouring-in and of the music icon who died this year in January.

Quercus acquired world rights in Elliott's new colouring book project, The David Bowie Colouring Book, through Becky Thomas from the Johnson & Alcock agency.

Elliott, the artist, writer and publisher behind the signature and brand ‘I Love Mel’, began designing “fun, printed products”, such as colouring books and paper dolls, after graduating from RCA in 2007. She is described as having “always been influenced by pop culture, celebrity and fame” and created the Colour Me Good series, including Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling (I Love Mel).