Dave Stewart gets creative for Pearson Education

<p>Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart will be putting down the guitar and picking up the pen in a new title for Pearson Education.<br /><br /><em>The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide</em>, looks at the impact of creative thinking in business. The book shows why business needs creative thinking to compete in today&#39;s economy and tells stories of people and companies who have used creativity as a platform for success.<br /><br />Anna Campling, marketing manager, said: &quot;It is scattered with anecdotes from his experiences and there is a lot of name dropping which is really intriguing.&quot; Names mentioned include Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Damien Hirst.<br /><br />Stewart will also be using his own creative thinking for the marketing and pr campaign and is composing an exclusive track to promote the book. Campling said this was still in the making and would be a &quot;small jingle&quot;. Stewart has also produced a short video including cartoon characters illustrated in the book<br /><br />The title will be published on 12th April as a &pound;14.99 paperback and is co-written by Mark Simmons, who previously wrote <em>Punk Marketing: Get off your ass and join the revolution </em>(HarperCollins).<br /><br />The title also examines how people can bring back some of the creativity they may have had as a child back, with games, puzzles, sketches and songs.<br /><br />Campling said: &quot;I think it will have a really wide appeal as it is not just aimed at people who are creative, but mainly aimed at people who aren&#39;t.&quot; Campling added that the title provided &quot;sound business thinking&quot; and would be best suited to those nearing manager level.</p>