The Dark Knight scribe to co-write trilogy for Tor

Tor has acquired two trilogies, one from the screenwriter of the recent Batman movies and another from the author of The Walking Dead comic book.<br /><br />Julie Crisp, editorial director of Tor UK, pre-empted UK and Commonwealth rights in <em>The Heavens Trilogy</em> from Penguin US in a deal at Frankfurt. The science fiction/adventure series is by screenwriter and film-maker David S. Goyer, who wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and author Michael Cassutt.<br /><br /><em>Heaven&#39;s Shadow</em>, the first book in the trilogy, will be published in hardback in July 2011. The film rights to the trilogy have been optioned to Warner Bros in a seven figure deal.<br /><br />Crisp said: &quot;Heaven&rsquo;s Shadow reads like Michael Crichton channelling Arthur C Clarke. It&rsquo;s everything I loved about science fiction written in the 1950s bought up-to-date for a contemporary audience. We&rsquo;re thrilled to add such an exciting trilogy and these hugely talented authors to the Tor UK list.&quot;<br /><br />Crisp has also acquired the rights to a trilogy of zombie novels based on Robert Kirkman&rsquo;s Walking Dead comic book series. Crisp pre-empted UK and Commonwealth rights excluding Canada from Thomas Dunne books. A TV series based on the novels will be shown in the UK from 5th November on the FX channel and will star This Life and Teachers star Andrew Lincoln.<br /><br />Focusing on completely new stories, Kirkman is co-writing the new series with horror novelist Jay Bonansinga. The first book, <em>The Walking Dead</em>, will be released in November 2012 alongside the second season of the TV series.<br /><br />Crisp said: &quot;From George A. Romero&rsquo;s Dawn of the Dead through to Simon Pegg&rsquo;s Shaun of the Dead, Zombies have always held a unique place in contemporary culture. Robert Kirkman has offered a fresh and exciting perspective on the zombie storyline through his series of comics and Tor UK is hugely excited to be able to work with him on the novelizations based on the world and characters he created in The Walking Dead.&quot;