Dark Chapter to Legend Press

Dark Chapter to Legend Press

Legend Press is to publish a "bold" and "riveting" debut novel from Taiwanese-American writer Winnie M Li.

Lauren Parsons, commissioning editor of Legend Press, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Dark Chapter from Maria Cardona at the Pontas Literary & Film Agency.

Dark Chapter centres around Vivian, a 29-year-old Taiwanese-American tourist, who one Spring afternoon in Belfast, crosses paths with Johnny, an illiterate Irish teen living on society’s margins. In a "horrifying act of violence, Johnny assaults Vivian, irreparably changing both of their lives".

Told from the perspective of both victim and victimiser, Dark Chapter delves into the pasts of these two very different characters, exploring the chain of events that led to their terrifying encounter, and examining the ripple effects and ramifications of the act. "Bold, riveting, and above all human, Dark Chapter is a first novel that announces an extraordinary new talent in Winnie M. Li", the publisher said.

Parsons said: "I absolutely loved Winnie’s novel from the moment I started reading it. It’s a wonderfully fresh novel and a fantastic addition to our 2017 list."

Li is a writer, filmmaker, film festival producer, and creative consultant.

The novel will be published by Legend Press on 15th September 2017. Pontas also sold North American rights of the novel to Polis Books.