Daniel Goldsmith Associates sets up Aston Bay imprint

Cheshire-based literary consultants Daniel Goldsmith Associates has set up its own publishing imprint, Aston Bay, focusing initially on crime fiction.

DGA editor Lorena Goldsmith established the imprint, signing three titles in a psychologically-fuelled crime series by debut author Joanna Price. Goldsmith worked with Price on the novels as a literary consultant, and says she instantly recognised them as "outstanding". Agent Annette Green at Annette Green Authors' Agency then signed up the titles, with Goldsmith "secretly hoping all the publishers would say no".

Goldsmith said the decision to start her own imprint was really jolted by Price's work. She added: "I didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting Joanna to sign up. I knew one day a publisher would fall for it just as badly as I did."

The first book, A Means of Escape, will be published simultaneously in hardback, paperback and e-book on 1st November 2011, with the second and third books to follow in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Goldsmith is also currently in negotiations for a three-book historic crime series, and is planning to send an appeal to agents for further submissions.

She anticipates the majority of sales initially will come through digital editions online, through as many digital stores as possible including Amazon and the Apple iBookstore, to be priced around £1, though £7.99 paperbacks and £12.99 hardbacks will also be printed by short-run specialists MPG Biddles.