Cyclist Peter Sagan's memoir to Yellow Jersey

Cyclist Peter Sagan's memoir to Yellow Jersey

Yellow Jersey Press is publishing My World, a memoir by professional cyclist Peter Sagan, who became the first in history to win three consecutive road race World Championships.

Tim Broughton, editorial director, bought world rights to publish Sagan's book on 4th October 2018 as a lead title during the press' 20th anniversary year.

Sagan has three World Championship victories to his name achieved on three continents, five Tour de France green jerseys and experienced Monument success in the Tour of Flanders. He also had an audience with the Pope.

In his book, Sagan will give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his cycling life and will reveal the full extent of his dedication to competition and determination to win. Sagan will talk about his relationship with fellow riders, his heroes and how he copes with the expectation of success, and share technical details about his preparation, dissect the art of the sprint and analyse the tactics that play out during a fiercely competitive stage or race.

Broughton said: "Peter Sagan doesn’t just win: he entertains. He sees every moment in the saddle as an opportunity to express his personality, and his first book will capture all the charisma that we’ve come to love him for – clip in and enjoy the ride."

Sagan said: "I’m delighted to be publishing my first book with the team at Yellow Jersey. Wearing rainbow for three consecutive years has been a thrilling, life-changing experience and I can’t wait to share the entire story with my amazing fans who have travelled the globe to cheer me on."