Cutback threat to London's Women's Library

Cutback threat to London's Women's Library

A petition calling on education secretary Michael Gove to prevent severe cutbacks to the Women's Library at London Metropolitan University has attracted over 7,500 signatures.

The university's board of governors has announced that is is looking for a new home for the Women's Library collections, and that if one is not found by December the library will cut its opening hours to just one day a week, to be reviewed after three years. 

"We recognise the importance of the Women’s Library as an integrated national collection and the university is zealously seeking a new home or owner of the collection," the board said in a statement.

Campaigners have called the library "one of the most magnificent specialist libraries in the world" and "a national asset" attracting visits from women not just all over Britain, but internationally. "Whatever the university's problems—which we hope will be resolved—under no circumstances should the Women's Library suffer in any way," say the petitioners.

The campaign has garnered support from presenter Sandi Toksvig, who said: "The Women's Library is one of the most inspiring places in Britain. The collection is irreplaceable and having access to it should be a right for all." 



Picture credit: The Women's Library