Customers to wait for iPad

<p>Customers who have pre-ordered the forthcoming iPad could be waiting more than a week after the launch date to receive it, Apple has revealed.</p><p>According to the <a href="" target="_blank">manufacturer&#39;s UK website</a>, the tablet device will now be shipped &quot;by 7 June&quot;&mdash;despite the official launch taking place on 28th May.</p><p>Prices start at &pound;429, and Apple has imposed a &quot;two per customer&quot; limit.</p><p>As technology blog <a href="" target="_blank"> </a>points out, this may simply be a case of &quot;managing expectations&quot;. The blog explains: &quot;The site&#39;s stated ship window allows any time up to that date. But it suggests the UK&#39;s initial allocation of online-sourced iPads has now been used up, leaving whatever<br />units Apple has assigned to its own retail outlets.&quot;</p><p><a href="../news/118550-legal-issues-raise-question-over-ipad-agency-model.html" target="_blank">It was reported today</a> that publishers must ensure they are &quot;in control&quot; of any agreement signed with Apple on an agency basis regarding the iPad.</p>