CUP strengthens policy against 'double dipping'

CUP strengthens policy against 'double dipping'

Cambridge University Press has strengthened its policy to prevent both authors and subscribers being charged for Open Access journal content - so–called "double dipping."

The new policy discounts 2016 subscription prices for journals that have received Open Access article processing charges (APCs) from authors within the last full journal volume.

If the fraction of OA articles in a journal was at least 5%, and the income from APCs was at least £5,000, then renewals of the journal subscription are being discounted by an equivalent sum. However subscribers already receiving a "substantial" discount on a journal subscription via a consortium package will not get an additional discount.

CUP said the effect of the new policy was to reduce renewal prices for six hybrid journals by between 2.6% and 7.7%.

Mandy Hill, m.d. of Academic at CUP, said: "We've previously had an anti-double-dipping policy in place, but this new policy is stronger and more transparent."