CUP and UCL launch new reading scheme

CUP and UCL launch new reading scheme

Cambridge University Press (CUP) has teamed up with the UCL Institute of Education to launch a new reading scheme for young children.

The 90-book series, called Cambridge Reading Adventures, is comprised of fictional tales, historically based stories and animal adventures, by authors such as Lauri Kubuitsile, Jonathan and Angela Scott and Ian Whybrow. The series is edited by Sue Bodman and Glen Franklin from the IOE’s International Literacy Centre and will be in schools by mid-February.

Edward Rippeth, head of primary at CUP, said the series is suitable for all children of primary school age, even if English is not their first language.

“It is the perfect resource to support children in their pursuit of reading for pleasure,” he said. “Each of the stories is exciting and interesting, of high quality and contains culturally relevant reading material for children around the world.”

The series is grouped into 11 ‘book bands’ according to the IOE Book Band’s framework, which is used in most UK primary schools.

Rippeth added: “An individual reading book costs from £3.50, but we offer a range of different reader pack, which include a range of books (seven to ten books) within a particular band, all the books in the early (or later 'transitional') half of the scheme, and bigger band packs which include six of every title for all the books within a band (so up to 60 books).”

Professor Andrew Brown, interim director of the UCL Institute of Education and professor of education and society, said: “The series has resulted in texts designed specifically for guided reading and we are proud to be involved with a venture that seeks to improve the experience of learning to read, for parents and their children.”