CUP launches HE textbook website

CUP launches HE textbook website

Cambridge University Press has brought its higher education textbooks together on a new, tailor-made website.

Higher Education from Cambridge University Press gives institutions and students easy access to the Press’s HE textbooks, alongside supplementary teaching and learning material.

The site has been built using the same technology as Cambridge Core, the digital home of the press’ academic books and journals. Institutions acquire books through an annual lease, paying for access to individual titles or to collections that will grow as new books are published. Each lease allows for an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Once registered, students can search through titles their institution has access to, bookmark, annotate and highlight text, or navigate through personalised copies.

Content will automatically resize to display on mobile devices and can be read both on and offline using the publisher's Cambridge Spiral e-reader app.

Gordon Stewart, head of higher education sales, said: “Along with the rest of society, higher education is becoming increasingly digital and the pandemic has further accelerated that transformation, dramatically increasing the need for easy, remote access to high-quality learning materials.

“This new site, and our business models, have been shaped by extensive feedback from students, their instructors and librarians. As a result, it gives higher education institutions a much easier way to provide their students with online access to our textbooks and gives students themselves a much better reading and studying experience.”

Following a beta launch in June, the site now has 540 titles, with plans for all 750 to be available by October. New features will also be added in the coming months, including audio, video and other interactive content.

Stewart said: “We are delighted with the way this new website allows us to deliver our content in a way that’s tailored specifically to the needs of the higher education community. We are also excited by the potential it offers for further development as we continue to create new and exciting products and services that will find a natural home on the site.”