Crime most popular with business leaders

High-flying professionals are more likely to read crime and action adventure in their spare time than business and memoir books, according to a survey by the Volunteer Reading Help charity.

The charity is celebrating its annual reception at the House of Lords today (25th June) and commissioned the survey to explore the link between reading and success.

It found 36.4% of chief executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs surveyed enjoyed reading crimes books, which ranked as the most popular genre, while 23% enjoyed action adventure, 14.8% detective and 12% fantasy. Among the genres least read by the 500 people earning over £70,000 questioned were memories, read by only 3.8% of those surveyed, and romance, read by 5.6%.

One in three respondents said supportive parents had encouraged them to read while 21% credited great teachers.

Sue Porto, c.e.o of Volunteer Reading Help, said: "We've seen first-hand the damaging impact illiteracy can have on young people’s chances in life. We are today calling for more successful business people, and employees in organisations up and down the country, to get involved and dedicate time to helping young people to read."

Volunteer Reading Help, founded in 1973, trains volunteers to help children to read and aims to support 6,300 children by the end of this academic year.