Creative industry traineeships in Scotland

Creative industry traineeships in Scotland

Creative Scotland is providing £100,000 funding to support 10 full-time, year-long traineeships across the creative industries.

The programme aims to support the employment prospects for people aged 20-30 who are interested in developing a career in the arts and culture industries. It will include an opportunity in the field of literature for a digital and language resources trainee who will work for Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland and be based at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. 

Leonie Bell, director of Arts & Engagement at Creative Scotland, said: “These traineeships will offer young people the opportunity to develop the skills and professional experience needed to progress in their chosen profession by removing barriers to paid work experience. At the same time, organisations will benefit from fresh, innovative ideas and enthusiasm of the trainees.”

Other traineeships being offered in the scheme will take place across the visual arts, film, craft, and theatre and dance at creative organisations including Africa In Motion (AiM) Film Festival, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Media Education.  

All of traineeships will be advertised on Creative Scotland’s Opportunities site.