Creative England to merge with Creative Industries Federation

Creative England to merge with Creative Industries Federation

The Creative Industries Federation is uniting with Creative England to become one organisation, officially launching in spring 2020.

Its move will see Creative England founder and c.e.o. Caroline Norbury become chief executive of the united body this December, with Rick Haythornthwaite from Creative Industries Federation becoming chair.

Organisers said the merger would help both bodies “make a greater difference together than would be possible alone”, combining the federation’s experience of bringing together networks with Creative England’s history of uncovering, investing in and growing businesses outside London.

Haythornthwaite, currently chairman of the federation, explained: "The UK's creative industries remain world-leading, and the economic, social and reputational success of the sector is more important now than ever before. By bringing together the networks, expertise and resources of Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation, the united organisation will ensure that our creative enterprises and individuals are championed and supported so that the benefits can be felt right across the nation. I am privileged to become chair of an organisation with such a crucial and inspiring purpose."

The new UK-wide body has vowed to provide greater value to members, collaborators and the sector through increased access to knowledge, networks and resources while continuing to champion the sector. No reductions in staff are proposed and the body's new name will be decided, alongside other details, following consultation with the industry.

Norbury said: “The enterprises and individuals that make up our creative industries are some of Britain’s most valuable assets. But, despite the opportunities and potential ahead, our sector suffers from unequal access to the support and resources needed for individuals and organisations to reach their full creative potential. This imbalance represents lost opportunities for individuals and communities as well as a loss to the national economy.

“Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation are coming together to ensure growth, inclusion and innovation for the creative industries is supercharged. By harnessing the combined impact of culture, commerce and creativity we can make much more than the sum of those parts.

“We will aim to strengthen the talent pipeline, supporting creative talent at all stages; work at the grassroots level to boost small creative businesses and ensure the right environment exists to enable creative success and inclusive growth right across the UK.”