Creative Content launches lifestyle imprint

<p>Creative Content is launching a new imprint under its Lowdown series, which its founders believe will be relevant in the current economic climate.<br /><br />The Lifestyle Lowdown will be a series of digital audio titles focusing on the lifestyle and self-help market. The first title in the series is <em>A Simpler Life </em>by Lucy McCarraher and Annabel Shaw. It will be published on 31st July and costs &pound;7.99 for a download or &pound;9.99 for a CD. Further titles in the series to be published in October include <em>Pulling Power&mdash;Pick-up Tips for Girls</em> and <em>Pulling Power&mdash;Pick up Tips for Guys.<br /></em><br />Lorelei King, co-founder of Creative Content, said: &quot;At times like this, it&#39;s crucial to re-connect with what&#39;s really important to you. We&#39;re so happy to be able to publish a title that will help, written by two experts who, between them, have a vast amount of both hands-on and clinical experience in<br />the work/life balance field.&quot;<br /><br />Ali Muirden, co-founder also said: &quot;We think there has been a real shift in the way people feel. During the past few years, for many of us &#39;having it all&#39; has really just meant &#39;doing it all&#39;. </p><p>&quot;The recession has made some of us rethink our busy lives on the &#39;go go go, get get get&#39; treadmill, and to look at what we really want. We wanted to produce something that would help us to<br />reassess the path we&#39;re on and to show us how we can change direction.&quot;<br /><br />&nbsp;McCarraher has previously written both fiction and non-fiction including self-help books, <em>The Work Life Manual</em> and <em>The Book of Balanced Living</em> (both Spiro). Shaw has been a psychology<br />university lecturer, but now works as a radiotherapist as well as researching for books on homeless women and dealing with cancer.</p>