Creative Access to continue with 'alternative funding'

Creative Access to continue with 'alternative funding'

Creative Access will “continue to operate as usual” after its current method of funding runs out next June, its c.e.o has said.

The charity will instead seek funding from "alterative sources", Josie Dobrin, c.e.o of Creative Access, told The Bookseller

Dobrin, who also founded Creative Access, said it would be "business as usual" for the charity when the government's Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot (EOP2) funding stream ends next June, as it will secure alternative funding from the government, private organisations and universities.

Dobrin had warned that without financial assistance and support, the charity would be forced to stop placing interns in December of this year.

The charity has also said it was “overwhelmed” by the response it received from publishers, media partners and the public following The Bookseller's article revealing that the organisation's funding was under threat earlier this month.

In a post published on the Creative Access website, the organisation said the response it had received had been “extremely touching.”

“We would like to say a huge thanks to all our supporters and we are hopeful that our good work can continue to make a positive difference within the creative industries,” the post said.

Earlier this month, Dobrin said: "The government’s priorities are all about apprenticeships, which are shown not to be effective in the creative industries and could leave Creative Access out in the cold. We have really brilliant track record. We’ve put great people into the publishing industry who are really making a difference. This model is proven to work and we hope to be able to continue to work with government to deliver these high-calibre internships.”

Since 2012, Creative Access has placed more than 430 interns with over 150 companies in book publishing, journalism, advertising and PR, film, theatre, music and television with media organisations including The Bookseller.