Crap MPs for The Friday Project

<p>HarperCollins imprint The Friday Project has acquired a compilation of the 40 worst Members of Parliament in British history, entitled <em>Crap MPs</em>. The book, written by Bendor Grosvenor and Geoffrey Hicks, was acquired last week, and is being rushed through for publication on October 29th.</p><p>Scott Pack, Friday Project publisher, said: &quot;This is an insane production schedule but it is worth it for this book. It captures the anger and incredulity we all feel after the expenses scandal and represents two fingers to those in power.&quot;</p><p>The authors - both historians, who have worked respectively at the House of Commons and Whitehall - have &quot;unearthed a motley collection of rogues, liars, murderers, shaggers, madmen and criminals from the past 500 years,&quot; the publisher said.</p><p>However, TFP is not revealing the line up just yet. &quot;The identity of the final 40 will remain a closely guarded secret until publication date but we can reveal that it includes ten currently serving MPs, one Churchill, several drunks and one poor blighter who was simply in the wrong job at the wrong time,&quot; it said. </p>