'Craft TV' from F+W

'Craft TV' from F+W

Publisher and retailer F+W is launching a new television show teaching people craft skills.

"Craft Daily" will be a 60-minute magazine show, first airing on 6th October as well as streaming online. The programme will air on Information TV, which focuses on niche interest programming, broadcast on Sky channel 192, and Freesat 402.

F+W Media International is the UK arm of F+W, which owns publishing brands such as David & Charles. Based in Newton Abbot, Devon, it produces illustrated books for the hobby market, a business which has now expanded to include online retail for craft materials alongside the publishing business.

James Woollam, UK m.d. of F+W, said that moving into video was the next logical step. He said: "Certainly for a publisher like us, which produces illustrated guides for craft, video is where we have to be, because it's one of the best ways to teach people techniques. For us, the transition to video is more important than the transition from print to digital. It's a huge opportunity for us, so we want to be at the forefront of it."

The show is produced in-house, using contributions from F+W's teams in the US, as well as content made in the UK for the programme, including brands such as David & Charles. As well as giving instruction in crafts such as knitting, crochet and other skills, there are plans to include broadcasts from craft shows and other content.

Woollam said: "We see this as the beginning really – at first, it will be one hour of content a week, repeated a couple of times, and we'll learn when our market is watching and the best times to appeal to them. Then hopefully we can expand with more material and look to grow it as it gains in popularity."