C&R signs Quentin Letts

<p>Constable &amp; Robinson has acquired a new book by <em>Daily Mail</em> political commentator Quentin Letts, a follow-up to his 2008 title <em>50 People who Buggered Up Britain</em> (C&amp;R). </p><p>Editor Andreas Campomar secured world English language rights to <em>Bog-Standard Britain</em>, from Maggie Pearlstine of Maggie Pearlstine Associates for a five-figure sum. It will be published on 29th October in hardback, and will be priced at &pound;12.99.</p><p>Campomar described it as &quot;a sharp-witted look at the state of the nation and how mediocrity has destroyed Britain&quot;, and that &quot;in true Letts fashion, this is an exasperated, but extremely funny book&quot;. </p><p>He added: &quot;It will appeal to everyone who is rather disappointed with the way everything has gone in this country. Given the current state of affairs, I think it will have a very wide appeal.&quot; <br />Letts is currently the <em>Daily Mail&#39;</em>s parliamentary sketch writer and was named Political Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards in April. </p><p>He has previously written for the <em>Telegraph </em>and the <em>Times</em> and recently presented the Radio 4 series &quot;What&#39;s the Point Of?&quot;.</p><p>Letts said: &quot;The &#39;equality practitioners&#39; of New Labour have driven excellence underground. They have made us all nervous wrecks, jibbering at the thought of being labelled snoots and snobs. The book points out that in our language, fashion, manners and politics we have been kyboshed by an ill-guided equality mania which is doing terrible harm to the least privileged in our country.&quot; </p>