C&R partners with ValoBox for e-book gifting

Constable & Robinson (C&R) and pay-as-you-go e-book service ValoBox have partnered to launch a new e-book gifting site.

The new website, www.giftanebook.com, will let readers buy an e-book and send it to a fiend as a gift, where it can be accessed via the internet through desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones, without need for an e-reading app or a specialist e-reader. Books will be downloaded via the internet and can be accessed through a browser, even if the device loses an internet connection.

It will launch with more than 2,000 titles from C&R's list, including A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and MC Beaton's Agatha Raisin crime series.

Rob Nichols, digital and communications director at C&R, said: "Sharing newly read books and favourite authors with friends and family is what readers love to do. Our partnership with ValoBox, through the IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest, will now allow readers to do just that in a way that is personal, not digital; enthusiastic, not algorithmic."

Anna Lewis, co-founder of ValoBox, said: "Digitisation has made books more accessible than ever, but some of the magic associated with gifting and sharing those reading experiences has been lost. You can hand someone a paper book without giving them instructions on how to open it, or worrying if they have the right reading device. This partnership with C&R has given us the opportunity to address this and match both the thoughtful process of giving a physical book and the delight of reading one."