Countrybookshop launches networking site

<p>Countrybookshop the Peak District-based bookshop has launched an online social networking site for the book community. <a href="" target="_blank" title="Booksconnect/">Booksconnect</a> will attempt to connect readers, authors, publishers with independent bookshop festivals and book group organisers.<br /> <br />Features include: bookshelves, events, book clubs, book groups, social networking and discussions. Book related questions and answers. <br /><br />Geraldine Rose, director of Countrybookshop, said: &quot;Having responded to the needs of the book community over the last 25 years and having created the offline book community in the Peak District with the bookshop, cafe and Peak Festival we believe it is time to extend this experience to the online book community.&quot; <br /> <br />Sridhar Gowda, co-founder of, said: &quot;Having pioneered the UK&#39;s online bookselling since 1997 we are in a strong position with our bookselling and online experience to create this unique community.&quot;</p>