'Cosy crime' community site for Constable

'Cosy crime' community site for Constable

Constable & Robinson has launched a website dedicated to the "cosy crime" genre as part of its bid to directly reach more niche audiences.

The independent publisher, which already has a website, C&R Crime, dedicated to its general crime list, said it was planning further sites that would appeal to particular markets.

Guy Fowles, online marketing manager at Constable & Robinson, told The Bookseller: "The idea was to build a community around our cosy crime stable of authors, seeing as we have a strong list. We want to reach people who like to follow these books, and engage with them directly."

The engagement extended to naming the site, with readers voting for Village Green Mysteries as the official name of the community. Authors featured on the site include M C Beaton, "Lovejoy"-creator Jonathan Gash and Alan Hunter, author of the Inspector George Gently series.

Fowles said: "The idea to grow the site and constantly add content, whether that's Q&As with the authors, new writing or competitions. We see these sites a real way to engage with the audience. We publish across a range of genres, and in the coming year are looking at other sites we can build and develop."

At the moment, users can buy books through embedded links to Amazon on the site. Fowles said that in future C&R will consider selling directly to consumer.

Village Green Mysteries was created in Supadü, a content management system built by World Archipelago, which has been used by publishers including HarperCollins, Bloomsbury and Macmillan. Sarah Arbuthnot, client services director at World Archipelago, said: "Publishers are definitely becoming more interested in setting up websites like this. They see the value of using their brands and having more connection with their readers."