Corvus heads out West with new Parker series for 2010

<p>Corvus will attempt to &quot;reinvigorate&quot; the Western genre next year with the launch of a new series by Robert B Parker. Publishing director Nicholas Cheetham said: &quot;There is something incredibly evocative about the West. I think if the Western genre didn&rsquo;t exist today you would probably describe it as historical crime. The detective fiction genre owes a lot to the Western.&quot;<br /><br />Parker has currently written three titles in the new series with the suggestion of more to come. The first book is <em>Appaloosa</em> and is set in New Mexico in 1882. It tells the story of Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch who arrive at the town of Appaloosa to restore order to a town plagued by stealing, beating and&nbsp; murdering. Cheetham described Parker&rsquo;s writing as, &quot;stripped to the bone pure, his dialogue is the best&quot;.<br /><br /><em>Appaloosa</em> is due out on 1st March as a &pound;12.99 hardback. The following two books, <em>Resolution</em> and <em>Brimstone </em>will be published by the Grove Atlantic imprint in 2011 and 2012 respectively.<br /><br />Cheetham added that the book has enjoyed a &quot;very positive&quot; reaction from retailers. The title will be categorised in stores as &quot;historical adventure fiction&quot; due to the lack of a specific Western section, but is primarily a Western with its fix of adventure, violence and romance.</p><p>Cheetham said that this genre has never gone away entirely and named <em>The Tenderness of Wolves</em> and<em> Cold Mountain </em>as examples of the genre. Cheetham described Parker as &quot;completely phenomenal&quot;, having written 38 Spenser novels, eight Jesse Stone novels and six Sunny Randall novels besides others. &quot;I felt an author of such magnitude and credibility was really an opportunity not to be missed,&quot; said Cheetham. He added that Parker&rsquo;s writing has, &quot;real energy, freshness and complexity . . . I would say any reader of crime fiction would enjoy these.&quot;</p><p>The book was previously published by Berkley Publishing in the US in 2005 and adapted into a film starring Ren&eacute;e Zellweger. It has never been published before in the UK. </p>