Corsair scoops 'dazzling' Goon Squad 'sibling novel' by Egan

Corsair scoops 'dazzling' Goon Squad 'sibling novel' by Egan

Publisher Corsair has scooped a "dazzling" new novel from Jennifer Egan, described as a "sibling novel" to her Pulitzer Prize-winning A Visit From the Goon Squad (Corsair).

James Gurbutt acquired UK and commonwealth rights for The Candy House from Felicity Blunt on behalf Amanda Urban of ICM Partners. The novel will publish on 28th April 2022.

The publisher said: "The Candy House is the long-rumoured and hotly anticipated sibling novel to Egan’s Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle-winning A Visit from the Goon Squad. Spanning decades, with an intricate plot and interconnected characters, The Candy House is that rare thing: a book that is both pure pleasure on the sentence level and wildly ambitious in scope.

"In these pages we meet a tech billionaire who ushers in a new age of enhanced digital sharing, the anthropologist who unwittingly enabled this new era, 'eluders' who seek to retain privacy and discretion in the face of the onslaught and the “proxies” who impersonate them, plus record producers, aging rock stars and movie stars, spies, publicists, writers, academics, mothers, fathers, and children. Set in San Francisco, New York City, suburban country clubs, tech office cubicles, the desert, and the mysterious nation of X, with entwined characters and plot points that overlap with A Visit from the Goon Squad, this is a dazzling achievement."

Egan said: “I had already begun to imagine my way beyond A Visit from the Goon Squad even before it was published. The Candy House follows a number of its peripheral characters into their own futures and pasts to create an independent work with a new set of preoccupations and center of gravity, but equal affinity for technology, humor, and structural freedom.”