Corsair Bursary set up at UEA

Constable & Robinson and the University of East Anglia have set up the Corsair Bursary, an annual £5,000 award which will fund a student to take the university's creative writing (prose fiction) MA.

The bursary, which is the equivalent to full home masters fees, will be available to students undertaking the masters course who will be aged 25 or younger at the start of the academic year in which they begin the course. A panel from Corsair, C&R's literary imprint, will select the student who will receive the bursary, based on the creative material submitted by students for admission to the course. If two or more candidates are thought to be of equal merit, the selection committee will decide on the winner based on interviews with each candidate.

Henry Sutton, covenor of the prose fiction MA at UEA, called it "very much a forward-thinking bursary", and Corsair publisher James Gurbutt said: "With all the changes and new challenges facing fiction publishing right now, it's reassuring to remember that the fundamentals are as important as ever. We're in the business-or should be-of encouraging exceptional writers, of nurturing talent.
UEA's creative writing MA has done just that, for decades.

"This bursary is intended to reflect our faith in a talented young writer, and to make a real financial difference at the start of a career."

Prospective applicants should contact C&R publicity director Sam Evans on 020 7268 9705 or on