Coronet signs Nazi-hunting comedy

Hodder & Stoughton imprint Coronet has signed Secret Diary of a Nazi Hunter, Age 75 3/4 by Alan Stoob.

Secret Diary... is a comic novel following Stoob's well intentioned but inept attempts to track down ageing Nazis in the UK.

It follows the success of Stoob's Twitter account, @nazihunteralan, where Stoob claims to be "Britain's Premier Nazi Hunter", and says: "There are a surprising number of surviving Nazi war criminals in Britain, particularly Bedfordshire." The account has more than 7,000 followers including numerous celebrities and comedians.

Mark Booth at Coronet signed UK and Commonwealth rights from Oli Munson at AM Heath. Italian rights have been pre-empted by Rizzoli.

Coronet will publish in autumn 2014.