Coronet scoops Ukata and Madimba's guide to Africa

Coronet scoops Ukata and Madimba's guide to Africa

Coronet has scooped a “funny and refreshing” guide to Africa by Chinny Ukata and Astrid Madimba, debut authors and hosts of podcast “It’s a Continent”.

Commissioning editor Joelle Owusu-Sekyere acquired world rights directly from the authors and Coronet will publish It’s a Continent in hardback, e-book and audio editions on 26th May 2022.

The publisher said: “It’s a Continent is a funny and refreshing guide to Africa, the most iconic, yet the most misunderstood continent on earth. The book aims to challenge the common misconception that Africa is a country with a monolithic identity by unravelling and celebrating the unique and vibrant identities of all 56 nations. Going beyond the traditional ‘comfort zones’ of taught history, such as Ancient Egypt and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the authors will explore the key historical moments that have shaped the continent, in an easily digestible, satirical (and shady) format.”

Owusu-Sekyere said: “When I discovered Chinny and Astrid’s brilliant podcast, I instantly fell in love with their warmth, wit and ability to dive into the histories of each and every country on the beautifully diverse and complex continent that is Africa. As a British-born Ghanaian who visits Ghana regularly, it made me realise that my historical knowledge is limited and what I learned at school was through a colonial lens, which as we all know, is not the whole story. I am grateful that people like Chinny and Astrid are doing the work to educate listeners on African history, beyond the white gaze, and I am honoured to be working with them on this illuminating book.”

Ukata commented: “I'm delighted to have this opportunity to highlight and share underrepresented African history while showing off the wide range of diverse cultures, ethnicities and stories within the continent.”

Madimba added: “I’m incredibly grateful to be giving voice to these often unheard stories from the African continent. This book is an exciting extension of our podcast and provides a great starting point for understanding Africanness, and the identities and cultures it embodies.”