Comedian Keen's 'Game of Thrones' debut to Coronet

Comedian Keen's 'Game of Thrones' debut to Coronet

Coronet has bought The Science of Game of Thrones by stand-up comedian Helen Keen.

Intended as a "myth-busting" guide to Westeros, in over 150 entries it answers such questions as 'Could dragons actually exist?' and 'How does wildfire win wars'. The book is described as an "unofficial" but "hilarious guide to the bestselling books and TV show". 

Nicki Crossley, commissioning editor for Coronet, part of Hodder & Stoughton, bought world English rights from Susan Smith at MBA Literary Agents as part of a two-book deal.

German and Russian deals have also been made and Little, Brown will publish in the US.

Keen is an award-winning writer, comedian and science enthusiast. She won Channel 4’s New Comedy Writing Award, and is the creator of the "It Is Rocket Science" show, a space-science-comedy. She also presents the show for BBC Radio 4, alongside Peter Serafinowicz. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious Royal Society Radio Prize by the Association of British Science Writers, appointed as an Innovation Fellow by WIRED magazine and her new comedy show "Big Problems with Helen Keen" was broadcast on Radio 4.

Crossley said: "Helen Keen is the perfect writer to explore the science behind the blood-soaked world of the Seven Kingdoms. I was already a fan of Helen’s, having listened to her brilliant Radio 4 show, "It Is Rocket Science", so I am delighted to be publishing her debut book."

Keen said: "I'm a huge fan of George R.R Martin's books and the HBO TV show, so writing what I hope will be the ultimate companion for anyone who has ever longed to lovingly hatch their own dragons, or brutally murder someone with molten gold, is a dream come true. I’m so pleased to be published by Coronet."