Coronet commissions book on late bloomers with Whitehall foreword

Coronet commissions book on late bloomers with Whitehall foreword

Coronet has commissioned a collection of stories on extraordinary men and women who achieved great things in later life, with a foreword by Michael Whitehall.

It’s Never Too Late, out on 14th November, is billed as “a book for late bloomers, baby boomers, and beyond; and an inspiring picture of the possibilities and potential that older age holds”. It will feature stories on everyone from Colonel Sanders to Amitabh Bachchan.

Whitehall spent his life working as a theatrical agent and producer. However, when he was in his early seventies, his son Jack asked him to take part in a live stage show that would change his late-life trajectory forever. Their show, "Travels With My Father", is now a Netflix TV hit and launched a whole new career for him.

He said: “I love hearing about people achieving things later in life, it gives hope to everyone. Never give up, because who knows what might be lurking round the corner? I’m a good example of that, as are all the people featured in this excellent book. They are proof of the power of perseverance. And here’s the best bit: when success – whatever kind of success you seek – comes late, it is all the more enjoyable. Success – like youth – is wasted on the young!”

Publisher Hannah Black said: “At a time when our population is getting older, this is a book to challenge those outdated stereotypes of what it means to be ‘old’. Here is a celebration of the amazing things we humans can achieve in later life. As Mr Whitehall so valiantly demonstrates, age is no barrier to extraordinary feats of intellect, creativity and daring.”