Coronet acquires two books from Graham Hancock

Coronet acquires two books from Graham Hancock

Hodder & Stoughton imprint Coronet is publishing two further books from Graham Hancock, both focusing on the Americas: America Before and the fourth in the War God series.

War God: The Apocalypse is the fourth and final volume in Hancock's War God tetralogy, a fictionalised account of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, based on unassailable and detailed research of true events that happened 500 years ago.

America Before is a work of non-fiction and investigates the hidden past of prehistoric North America over 13,000 years ago by exploring new science and newly discovered archaeological sites, as well as age-old myths and monuments. It is the third and final volume in a loose trilogy with Fingerprints of the Gods (1995) and Magicians of the Gods (2015).

In the book, Hancock will show that ancient and advanced civilisations were wiped out by environmental catastrophe and that America was the location of the earliest of these civilisations, the originator of megalithic engineering techniques and a mystical star-gazing culture that then spread around the globe.

Mark Booth, publisher for Coronet, said: “Graham Hancock is a colossus of independent thinking, using the latest developments in science and archaeology to shift paradigms. I'm proud to be his publisher.”

Hancock said: “As the publishers of the first three volumes of the War God Series, and of my recent Sunday Times non-fiction bestseller Magicians of the Gods, Coronet has a deep understanding of all aspects of my work. I'm therefore delighted that they will be publishing my next big non-fiction book, America Before, and also my next novel, War God: Apocalypse.

Graham’s agent Sonia Land remarked: “We’re so pleased that Graham’s next two books have been acquired by Mark Booth at Hodder. It is imperative that the fourth and concluding chapter of Graham’s fiction War God: Apocalypse is in the safe hands of an editor who has published the first three in the series. Apocalypse will bring the conquest of Mexico to a riveting and unexpected end in this battle of all battles in pursuit of riches and political power beyond all measure. 

"When America Before is published, the revelation that there might be a civilisation here over 13,000 years ago will astound many throughout the world, especially the Americans, so rightly then that St Martin’s Press was quick to acquire US rights. Between these two publishing giants, Hodder and St Martin’s Press, they will cover the world with Graham’s next big non-fiction book.”