Cornwell wins $50m lawsuit

Crime writer Patricia Cornwell has won $50.9m (£33.2m) in a lawsuit against her former financial management company for negligence in the handling of her finances, and loss of earnings when she failed to meet a book deadline due to their actions.

According to US reports, Cornwell sued Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP and its former principal, Evan H Snapper, for negligence, arguing that Snapper and his colleagues cost her and her company tens of millions of dollars in losses or unaccounted revenue over four years.

According to the Guardian, Cornwell argued the firm caused her to miss a deadline for a book for the first time in her career when the company failed to find her a suitable place to write after renovation on her house went on much longer than expected. The lawsuit said the missed deadline caused Cornwell to lose one year's income, which equated to $15m in non-recoverable advances and commission. Cornwell said: "This was very destabilising. I really lost my ability to focus and concentrate. I did not know what the book was about anymore."

The trial began on 7th January, and the jury had started deliberating on Thursday. Cornwell filed the suit in 2009.

The defendants' lawyer said the company will continue to explore its legal options, "including an appeal of today's verdict". He said: "We continue to believe the firm acted professionally and appropriately."





c. Debra Gingrich