Cornwell signs four more with HarperCollins

Cornwell signs four more with HarperCollins

HarperCollins has closed a four-book deal with bestselling historical novelist Bernard Cornwell.

The creator of Napoleonic rifleman Sharpe, alongside dozens of other period novels, is about to release his 50th book, 1356, a standalone novel about the Battle of Poitiers.

With the new deal, HarperCollins in the UK and US will continue to be his publisher until 2017.

The deal for world English language rights was done with Toby Eady and Jamie Coleman of Toby Eady Associates by Kate Elton and Katie Espiner of HarperFiction in the UK, and Jonathan Burnham and Jennifer Barth at HarperCollins in the US.

Katie Espiner says: “It is such a pleasure to be involved in publishing Bernard’s books – he really is one of the true greats. It’s also a gift to have such a rich and diverse backlist to complement our publishing. We have continued to build on the massive success of new titles like Azincourt and The Fort with the rebranding of the Sharpe series; and have seen Bernard’s digital sales explode, with over 250,000 e-books sold in the UK to date. We are proud to be Bernard Cornwell’s publishers and thrilled that our long partnership is set to continue.”