Corbyn colouring book to be released

Corbyn colouring book to be released

Old Street Publishing is to release The Corbyn Colouring Book, an "adult colouring book with a sense of humour", in time for Christmas.

Designed by illustrator and designer James Nunn and inspired by an idea from literary agent Oli Munson, the A5 colouring book will feature scenes of leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, hiding in Friedrich Engels’ beard, parting the Red Sea and as the superhero 'Bynman', ready to be coloured in by readers.

Publisher at Old Street, Ben Yarde-Buller, told The Bookseller that the book was intended to be “gentle rather than hard satire” and a “memento of an important time in British politics.”

He added: “James is actually rather fond of Corbyn. It’s not a book for die hard Tories; I think it’s funny and that people will buy it.”


According to the publisher, the book will be “the perfect Christmas gift – for genuine colourers, political types, newshounds, Corbynophiles and Corbynophobes alike.”

To coincide with the book’s publication, Nunn will appear on the Daily Politics Show on Wednesday 18th November in a segment that will feature various MPs participating in a “live Corbyn colouring session”.

Old Street has ordered an initial print run of 10,000 for the book, which will be published on 18th November priced at £8.99.

Corbyn has already inspired a range of literature since he stood to become the Labour leader, including the Poets for Corbyn anthology released in August and a poem penned by Ben Okri earlier this month.