Continuum launches e-book store

Independent publisher Continuum has launched an e-book store, featuring a selection of titles across Continuum's humanities, education and religion lists. Around 2,000 titles will be available for download in Adobe PDF and ePUB formats on the platform by the end of April, with that total expected to rise to 3,500 titles by June.

The publisher plans to release the majority of its frontlist titles on the store simultaneously with print edition publication. The store is currently open to individual customers, with the publisher planning to offer packages aimed at academic institutions from the end of June. The publisher is currently undertaking a conversion project in order to also make a large number of the publisher's backlist  available for download. The full range of Continuum's subjects and imprints are covered by the e-book offering.

Chief executive Oliver Gadsby said: "The launch of our e-book store marks a big step forward for our business, and will make our content instantly accessible to readers worldwide. Continuum has many readers who relate very directly to the sort of publishing we do, be they teachers, academics in our core subjects, or general readers who identify with the profile and interests of our authors. The platform is probably the most significant provision we've yet made to support these relationships".

The store has been developed in partnership with MPS using the ContentStore platform. Shoppers can preview a selection of pages from all of the e-books, and can build wish-lists and save searches. The store also features e-book widgets that can be embedded on websites such as authors' blogs, enabling links back to the book's page on the store for purchase.

The academic publisher is based in London and New York, publishing around 600 titles a year including a trade list. It was named The IPG Independent Publisher of the Year at this year's IPG Awards.