Conan Doyle turns detective for Century

<p>Kate Elton, publisher of Century and Arrow, has bought UK and Commonwealth rights in a debut novel which sees Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the trail of a serial killer in Victorian London. </p><p><em>The Penny Marvel</em>, a first novel by American writer Graham Moore, also involves a second, present-day narrative in which an eminent literary researcher is on the hunt for Conan Doyle&#39;s lost diary and the deadly secrets it contains. </p><p>Elton bought the &quot;tense, atmospheric&quot; debut in a pre-empt from Camilla Goslett at Curtis Brown acting<br />on behalf of Jennifer Joel at ICM. </p><p>The book will be a Century hardback in January 2011, with an Arrow paperback following a year later.<br />&nbsp;</p>