'Comic genius' from McEwan

<p>Ian McEwan is set to address climate change and reveal a new dimension s a comic writer in his latest novel<em> Solar</em>, to be published on 18th March by Jonathan Cape. </p><p>The book will come out simultaneously with Nan A Talese/Doubleday in the US and Knopf in Canada. </p><p>Described as an &ldquo;engrossing and satirical novel which focuses on climate change&rdquo;, <em>Solar</em> tells the story of a 50-something Nobel Prize-winning physicist whose career and personal life are both in decline, and who half-heartedly heads a government-backed initiative to tackle global warming. </p><p>CCV publisher Dan Franklin said that despite its serious theme, <em>Solar i</em>s &ldquo;also very, very funny. It shows a fresh side to Ian McEwan&rsquo;s work, that he&rsquo;s a comic writer of genius.&rdquo; </p>