Colwyn Bay's Bay Bookshop closes

Colwyn Bay's Bay Bookshop closes

The Bay Bookshop in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, has closed after 30 years.

Owners Andy and Debbie Morley have closed the long-lived store after a three-month closing-down sale. It was originally opened by Andy’s parents Rachael and Raymond Morley in 1972.

Morley told News North Wales that competition from the internet had impacted on sales.

“It’s a shame, because hundreds of bookshops around the country are closing. Some of them are going online but some just go altogether,” he said.“I’ve been here 25 years and the majority of it has been great. It is sad but unfortunately times change - if people want to know something now, like how to make a bottle of wine, they just google it.”

Morley will continue to sell his remaining stock online via Amazon.

The number of indie members of the Booksellers Association fell again in 2014 by 48, to 939 indies. The 2013 figure (987) was a watershed moment for the industry, as it was the first time since records began that indie numbers had fallen below 1,000.