Collins tweaks revision focus

Collins tweaks revision focus

Collins Learning is publishing its reading scheme for the trade for the first time, as well as consolidating and repositioning its revision brands to tie in with upcoming curriculum changes.

In May it published the first six packs of its Big Cat Reading Lions scheme, with plans to add six further packs in early spring 2016. The packs comprise six books each and retail at £24. Each pack is directed at a different level of reading, from early readers up to fluent, with the first two packs being fully decodable phonics, in line with how children are currently taught to read.

Reading Lions mark the first time that Collins Learning has made its guided reading titles available directly to parents. The packs include titles from the existing scheme, with teachers’ notes replaced by tips for parents. The series features titles by well- known authors and illustrators including Michael Rosen and Emma Chichester-Clark.

Samantha Eardley, marketing director at Collins Learning, said: “Schools send books home with children all the time and we were aware that parents wanted to help support that but often didn’t know if they were giving their child the right level of books. This is reassurance that it is correct.”

Collins Learning is also looking at its key revision brands—Collins and Letts—in light of the new English and Maths curricula.Sarah Mitchell, publisher for Home Learning, said: “Collins is quite a different flavour now and focuses on ‘repeated, spaced practice’ that education and psychology studies show help to retain information long term. Letts is more about sensory appeal with a magazine- style layout with lots of images. It pays homage to people’s different learning preferences.”

Collins titles will also come with a free searchable and hyperlinked e-book download.

Mitchell said: “We’ve recapped, realigned and grouped our titles better for a better range for the trade.” In June Collins Learning published 78 new and updated primary school titles and 25 for secondary schools.

The curriculum will change for other subjects from September 2016 and Collins will roll out its modifications to those subjects in June next year.

Collins Learning will target parents directly with a free pamphlet explaining the new curriculum and the resources they publish to support it. It will be distributed through bookshops and available for download from Independent bookshops can order copies of the titles directly from Collins Learning.