Collins signs deal with Irish Times

<p>Collins has signed a deal with the daily newspaper the <em>Irish Times</em> to publish a series of specially branded books. The publisher will release around four titles per year in areas like sport, quiz books and history. The first title in the venture will be released in September when Collins publishes the <em>Irish Times Universal Atlas of the World</em>. The hardback atlas will retail for &pound;50. It will be presented in a gift slipcase and will contain special Irish content.</p><p>Denise Bates, publishing director at Collins, said that she was &quot;thrilled&quot; to have signed this deal with the <em>Irish Times</em>. &quot;The authority and prestige of the Irish Times brand make it an ideal partner in many areas of publishing, from history and lifestyle to heritage and sport. We will publish in any area where they are strong and the brand name fits with what Collins publishes.&quot;</p><p>The <em>Irish Times </em>is Ireland&#39;s leading broadsheet newspaper with a circulation of 118,000. &quot;Collins is a leading non-fiction publisher with bestselling international and Irish authors,&quot; said Paul Farrell, group commercial director of the Irish Times. &quot;The opportunity to extend The Irish Times brand in partnership with Collins presents us with an exciting new publishing opportunity.&quot;</p>