Collins to publish C4 Genius tie-in

<p>Collins is to publish the tie-in to prime-time Channel 4 series &ldquo;The Genius of Britain&rdquo;, due to air this October.&nbsp; </p><p>The title, of the same name, by Robert Uhlig, has a foreword by author of <em>The God Delusion</em> Richard Dawkins, with contributions from Dawkins, inventor James Dyson and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who all jointly present the TV series of five 60-minute programmes. Both look at the impact of British science on the modern world. </p><p>Denise Bates, the book&rsquo;s editor, said: &ldquo;The history of British science is an extremely appealing proposition and I expect this book to do for science what Andrew Marr&rsquo;s A History of Modern Britain did for British history.&rdquo;</p><p>Bates bought rights to the book from Mark Lesbirel at RDF. It will be published as a &pound;20 hardback this autumn. </p>