Collins launches 'revolutionary' Atlas app

Collins launches 'revolutionary' Atlas app

Collins has launched a new Atlas app for iPhones and iPads, allowing users to explore the world using interactive 3D maps.

The Atlas by Collins app will sell at £6.99, and includes seven different globes with different themes, including politics, energy and the environment. Using pinch and scroll functions on the devices, users can zoom in from space to ground level, exploring 200,000 different cities and landmarks, with globes available to download for offline use.

Collins produced the app with development agency The Other Media, who previously developed the Wonders of the Universe app.

Sheena Barclay, m.d. of Collins Geo, a division at HarperCollins, said: “Atlas by Collins was designed to revolutionise how people find information about the world around them. This app is a gateway to an amazing amount of information for anyone looking to learn more about our planet, its people and the way we live. For the first time, the Apple platform provides the processing power and functionality to enable us to bring a world-class Atlas app to people all over the planet.”

Information in the app will be constantly updated, with users able to purchase new globes as they are developed. See the app here.