Collins to explain what Darwin couldn't

<p>Collins will this summer publish a book which allegedly explains what Darwin couldn&#39;t. <em>Virolution</em> by Dr Frank Ryan looks at the science behind variation in life and will be published in July.<br /><br />World rights (excluding North America) were bought by Myles Archibald associate publisher at Collins from Jonathan Pegg at JPLA.<br /><br /><em>Virolution</em> is the result of Ryan&#39;s 15 years of scientific research. He specifically considers viral symbiosis, which looks at how viruses are vital for the evolution of life. In particular, these results can help unlock answers to human evolution and fighting disease such as cancer.<br /><br />150 years on from the publication of Darwin&#39;s T<em>he Origins of Species</em> this title will explain how the variation in life at the core of evolution is actually produced. Archibald said, &quot;Frank Ryan&rsquo;s<em> Virolution </em>will do for the science of variation what Dawkins&#39; <em>The Selfish Gene</em> did for natural selection&quot;.</p>