"Collaborative" Macmillan Campus hub emerges

"Collaborative" Macmillan Campus hub emerges

A focus on collaboration across Macmillan’s global Science & Education division will mark the publisher’s new campus, now taking shape in London’s King’s Cross.

The publisher has leased additional buildings in York Way’s Regent Quarter to create a campus-style loose grouping of offices including its existing premises in Crinan Street and New Wharf Road. The Macmillan Campus, which will house all the company’s UK publishing operations, is set to be fully operational in 2014.

Regent Quarter backer Henderson Global Investors has reported Macmillan is paying a total annual rental income of £3.41m for the new office buildings, on leases of 15 years.

At the heart of the new Regent Quarter section will be the Stables, originally built in the 1890s but set to become a “highly specified” 4,000 square foot conference centre, arranged on three floors, and capable of holding 300 in total. The main new office space (74,000 square feet) will be two interconnected office buildings, each providing for more than 300 members of staff: one part being converted from a former dance studio, and another, The Glasshouse, built to order. A small café is also planned in the courtyard alongside the Stables building.

Meanwhile, the Crinan Street building is being gutted and renovated, and will become completely open plan, from c.e.o. Annette Thomas down. The Campus will have two main receptions, one in Crinan Street and one in Regent Quarter’s Glasshouse building, with the purple of the redesigned Macmillan Science & Education divisional logo prominent in both.

The sharing of knowledge is said to be key to the campus design, with a “significant investment” going into the technical environment, under the aegis of chief technology officer Steve Devlin. A social intranet, Campus Digital, described as an online collaboration environment, will shortly be rolled out. It will include a feature similar to a Facebook or LinkedIn for the company, which will enable people with similar roles to connect and promote the sharing of skills/expertise across the business. Campus Digital will also be available via an app for access via phones while travelling. Employees will also be able to work on documents together online, while “follow-me printing” and video conferencing on staff laptops are among the developments.

“Central to our thinking is that people work better together when they know each other. The way we are designing the buildings in our new campus and how we fit them out is all about closer collaboration across the division,” said Macmillan Group communications director Joyce Lorigan. “This doesn’t just mean more meeting rooms but a wider variety of spaces to grab a coffee with a colleague, or capture ideas on a whiteboard with your team or even share new thinking with the whole business, in our Stables events space. This will all be underpinned by collaborative technology—a social intranet, instant messenger and great AV facilities.”

All roles across the UK business are moving to London, bar a few from central functions in Basingstoke, affecting around 200 people in the Oxford move, and 250 in the transfer from Basingstoke. Lorigan said: “Everyone impacted by the move has been offered a role in the new campus and we hope that as many people will make the move as is possible. We are offering a six-month trial option for those that want to try out the new environment before they make a final decision.”