Cole injured in cow stampede

Cole injured in cow stampede

Children’s author Babette Cole is recovering after being attacked by a herd of cows, which left her with fractured shoulders and ribs, according to a local news report.

The Western Morning News said Cole was attacked by cows, who were defending their calves, as she walked her two dogs near her home in Devon.

“The cows appeared from nowhere and they went for me, they were going for my two terriers,” she said. “I tried to shoo them away but they took no notice. They were obviously defending their babies. One of them ran at me and tossed me right up in the air, they were playing football with me.”

Cole was thrown onto her back and trampled on. “It was like a forest of legs and feet that were trampling me and I couldn’t get out or do anything. I was passing out with the blows and was ready to die.”

The newspaper said Cole was rescued by Rachel Hobbs, a woman who was looking at a property for sale nearby. Hobbs said she had a look into the field and the scene was “like something in a horror movie”.

Cole spent a week in hospital and is now being looked after by friends.

Cole is the author and illustrator of books such as Princess Smartypants (Puffin) and Hair in Funny Places (Red Fox). In 2013 she set up digital publishing company, Inky Sprat, with film-maker Manus Home and Neil Baber, who previously worked for David & Charles and Phaidon.