Coates joins RCW as foreign rights manager

Coates joins RCW as foreign rights manager

Sam Coates is to join literary agency Rogers, Coleridge and White as foreign rights manager, working alongside department head Laurence Laluyaux. Coates joins on 22nd October, having worked at Penguin Random House for five years, most recently at Vintage.

He won the inaugural Deborah Rogers Fellowship (DRF) in 2017 and has worked with a large variety of authors and publishers. Laluyaux, director of RCW and head of its foreign rights team, said: "Sam chose RCW as one of his DRF placements and immediately impressed us all with his dynamism, wide experience and sharp eye. We are greatly looking forward to him joining us in a few weeks."

Peter Straus, managing director of RCW, said: "Sam Coates’ outstanding abilities quickly became apparent during his secondment at RCW. He will be a terrific addition to a very strong team."

Coates added: "Having long been drawn to the authors that the agents at RCW represent, the opportunity to work with such a superb group of books and people is endlessly exciting. And after five years at PRH, I am looking forward to an experience on the other side of the publisher/agent fence."

Last week RCW announced that outgoing Orion group publisher Jon Wood was joining RCW as an agent in January. RCW agent Emma Paterson is to leave to join Aitken Alexander as an agent in October.