Closure-threatened Bruton Library saved

<p>A threatened Somerset library has been given a temporary stay of execution, the BBC reports. The Conservative-controlled council planned to close Bruton Library in a cost-cutting move, but it is now safe until Christmas after trustees who own the library building promised to pay for temporary<br />librarian cover. Volunteers may cover the role from 2011.</p><p>Councillor Anna Groskop, spearheading the move to save the library, said she was motivated after a phone call from a 90-year-old to whom it was very important. &quot;He was quite tearful and quite upset because he felt we were taking away something he valued very much,&quot; she said.</p><p>Up to 1,500 jobs are to go at the council over the next three years due to a &pound;75m budget deficit and councillor Stephen Martin-Scott, cabinet member for strategy and communications, said retiring librarians were not being replaced. &quot;We didn&#39;t want to shut the library, what we&#39;ve got is a recruitment freeze and inevitably a significant number of librarians are coming up to retirement age,&quot; he said. &quot;Libraries across Somerset have a net cost of about &pound;5.5m. That&#39;s a huge cost and we need to find a better way of doing it.&quot;<br /><br /></p>